The King of Random presents: The Stealth Shelf

Created by The King of Random

Hide anything secretly and safely in a locked compartment, disguised as a cool shelf! No key, no combo lock... just a secret switch!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

So Close we can Taste it!
about 6 years ago – Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 03:47:10 PM

Day 4, and already almost there! We are wracking our brains for some stretch goal ideas, and will share those with you soon, but we are pushing hard today to reach our goal in just 4 days!

So if you have facebook pages or twitter feeds or friends and neighbors who will be excited to hear about the Stealth Shelf, now is the time to spread the word! Here is the link to copy and paste wherever you can :)

Thank you! Let's hit our goal by tonight!

If you're not familiar with The King of Random but just stumbled across the Stealth Shelf and think it's awesome, you should have a look at more of Grant Thompson's creations on The King of Random YouTube channel:

Grant Thompson: the King of Random
Grant Thompson: the King of Random

The higher we reach beyond our goal, the more amazing projects can be turned into kits and products by the King of Random, so thank you so much for helping make this all a reality.

Stay tuned for our next update, when we set a stretch goal to make the Stealth Shelf even better! Thank you!

Half Way There!
about 6 years ago – Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 05:01:01 AM

Dear Backers,

We've reached 50% of our goal, on the first day! That's a huge honor, and we look forward to producing a top quality concealment shelf for our early adopters of the Stealth Shelf!

We are enormously appreciative of everyone who has liked, shared, posted, commented, and of course backed this project!

In the middle of the day today we held second place on Kickstarter's MOST POPULAR list... the Stealth Shelf was the second most popular project on Kickstarter for several hours!

Second Place in all Kickstarterdom!
Second Place in all Kickstarterdom!

How cool is that?

We know not everyone can buy a Stealth Shelf, and we hope you'll consider building your own with The King of Random Instructions by purchasing parts from your local hardware store. :)

For those who didn't buy a Stealth Shelf, but SHARED it and SHOWED the video to their friends or family, you're a part of this success just like our backers. Thank you! Keep up the awesome sharing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!